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When searching for a wedding planner I think it's really important to find someone that you relate to, who you know you'll have fun with and whom you can trust completely throughout the planning and design process.


Growing up my passion was wedding design. My first experience came when I worked in a floral shop in my hometown Athens, where I got to experience floral designing for different kinds of events, next to experienced professional floral designers.


I then decided to attend courses in a wedding design institute in Greece and Holland.


As a wedding planner it is absolutely essential to be creative and approachable, with a wealth of great contacts who will be brought together seamlessly in order to create an incredibly special day.


I work hard to create unique events along with my couples, so that they still feel in control and that the celebration is truly theirs, and I pride myself on making wonderful friends along the way.


As well as making sure the atmosphere and entertainment is spot on. I also like to make things look visually amazing, whatever your style may be and pay attention to every single little detail that makes any event stand out from the rest.


My best part in a wedding is the flower decoration. While I have my own personal style and love a vintage romantic colour scheme, I'm not afraid of mixing things up and doing something entirely new.

In addition to planning and designing truly memorable weddings and celebrations, I also share my life with my wonderful friends and family.


I can't imagine a life without my work or my family & friends, all of them are very important to me.


Here are just a few more fun facts about me that my clients often learn along the planning process:


  • Weddings are my passion it’s not just a job.
  • I love coffee above all other drinks - unless you count wine and Vodka!
  • My ideal night out is a night in with my favorite people and good food.
  • My dream is to travel the entire world. Favorite quote: The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page!
  • Every woman’s best moment is when she buys clothes and high heels... well i am not different, but I share the same excitement when I'm buying wedding supplies


I also do handmade crafts and I design wedding details whenever I have the chance, so you can keep an eye out for my instagram page.


It’s a very easy decision to have your wedding in Greece, but I understand that it may seem difficult, when you are a long way from home. That’s why you can trust me as your wedding planner and I can guarantee your special day will not only be remarkable, but also something that you, your family and friends will remember for a lifetime.



Maria ♥ ♥ ♥

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